About Us

JING HENG SING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD and JING CHARNG TANE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD are sister companies that both companies have been cooperated closely for several years. ( https://cooker.en.taiwantrade.com/ )

JING CHARNG TANE ENTERPRISE is a professional manufacturer specializing in Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Processing Equipment with rich experience over 30 years. While JING HENG SING TECHNOLOGY processes missions to develop domestic and overseas market for JING CHARNG TANE and also some other good food machinery manufacturers in Taiwan.

During epidemic era, we and our group members come to realize it is beneficial when we work as a strong and professional team to overcome the difficulties happening globally. Therefore, JING HENG SING TECHNOLOGY has enhanced cooperation and partnership with all members to integrate qualified MIT (Made-In-Taiwan) professional manufacturers as well as to provide our customers with high value-added service for “WHOLE PLANT PLANNING”, so called “TURNKEY SOLUTION”

With deeply accumulated knowledge and experience, this professional team is able to provide diversified products and integrated solutions based on customers' needs. That way, our customers can find most suitable solutions with very good quality machinery and service through our party.

Our major goal aims to establishing long-term relationship with our customers and partners. Based on mutual trust, we will support each other to make beneficial business and to create promising future together. 

We look forward to your contact to discover good opportunities with us as a professional team. 

Thank you very much and please contact us for inquiry.

** We provide services in 4 languages : English. Français. Español. Mandarin. **