Driven by GDP growth, the increase of Disposable Income, the acceleration of the life pace, and the increase in leisure places such as business districts and movie theaters, the continuous growth of snack food market has rapid expansion. Leisure and healthy food has become an important part of people's daily food consumption.

The latest trend in Taiwan's snack food market is moving towards health and nutrition, creating a new favorite in the snack food industry: vacuum crisp food. Vacuum crisp food is made adopting the latest vacuum low temperature frying process. Taking the fruit and vegetable crisps as an example: Fruit and vegetable crisps are made from fresh fruits and vegetables as the main raw material and undergo innovative processes "vacuum low temperature frying and dehydration" as well as the equipment called “vacuum frying system” to produce fruit and vegetable chips.


Vacuum frying is to fry the raw materials in a closed and decompressed environment to make the raw materials dehydrate. It can retain the original color of the raw materials and produce a special mouthfeel.

The traditional high-temperature frying is between 160 and 185 ° C. If starch-based foods (generally above 120 ° C) are fried or baked at high temperature, such as bread, sweet potato, taro, potato, etc., a large amount of "Acrylamide" will be produced, which is a kind of chemical that has been shown to have adverse effects on humans in animal experiments.

Frying is performed in vacuum condition, and the frying temperature can be greatly reduced to 90 to 110 ° C. In the state of vacuum, the boiling point of water is reduced, and then the oil is used as a heat transfer medium to evaporate the water content of the raw material to achieve the purpose of frying and dehydration, and it can make the food's tissue porosity appear crispy. The vacuum frying temperature is low, and the near-vacuum, oxygen-free state in the fryer can avoid rancidity, browning, and oxidative deterioration of the oil and products, so that the fried food can maintain the flavor and color of the raw material itself, and greatly reduce the degradation caused by fat of harmful substances.

Currently Taiwan's vacuum low temperature fried food market can be divided into four types.

A. Fruit and vegetable crisps: Fresh fruits and vegetables are the main raw materials, such as apples, bananas, pineapples, jackfruit, onions, mushrooms, okra, etc. You need to choose raw materials that are easy to obtain to make it high valued products.

B. Rhizomes: Rhizome crops are the main raw materials, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and taro.


C. Seafood: all kinds of seafood are the main ingredients, such as shrimp, squid, crab, small fish etc. 

     It can preserve the freshest and sweetest natural seafood.


D. Traditional high-temperature fried products such as red shallot oil, shallot puff pastry, garlic, etc.: The vacuum low-temperature deep-frying dehydration process is used to replace the traditional high-temperature fried products.  The expected hardness and color of the ingredients can be obtained. Also, the fried oil is not easy to deteriorate and can be reused because frying temperature is lower than 120 degrees.


Vacuum low temperature frying products need to be performed with a complete vacuum frying equipment.

At present, Taiwan's vacuum frying equipment has been able to achieve a systematic and integrated level.

Professional vacuum frying machine can improve frying efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

1. The entire operation uses a human-machine interface panel, and can record the process parameters of each batch of production products to establish a product history.

2. Fried at low temperature, the oil and products are not easy to deteriorate. The finished product has low oil content. And the oil consumption is low as well.

3. The frying tank, oil storage tank, filtration system, multi-tube heat exchanger, and piping are all made of SUS304 stainless steel.

4. Applicable to a variety of agricultural material and seafood such as French fries, shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, edamame, apples, bananas, drain, squid, fresh shrimp, etc.

5. It is equipped with a special patented design to maintain the ultra-high vacuum state of the fryer, and the crispness of the product is better.