• Material SUS304 Prevents Steel Rust Polluting Food & Working Environment. 
  •      (Option: SUS316 For Food Contact Surface)
  • Cooking Vessel Volume: Range From 100L to 1000L.
  • The SUS304 Control Box Adopts Water-proof Design. 
  • Control System Includes Timer, Temperature And Speed. 
  • Equipped With Heat Exchanging System & Cooling System.
  •      Customer Needs To Prepare Boiler To Supply Steam 
         & Cooling Tower/Chiller To Supply Cool Water.
  • Power: 220V~415V (Depends On Request)
  • Heating By Steam
  • Manually Open Lid, Easy To Operate. Or Automatically Open Lid. 
  • Automatically Tilt And Position Cooking Vessel Or Fixed Standing Type.
  • Suitable For Various Production Process, From Mixing, Stirring, Heating, 
  •      Concentrating, Cooling. It’s All-In-One.
  • Vacuum Function Speeds Up The Process. 
  • It Cooperates With Vacuum Pumping, Safe And Hygienic.
  • With View Window Design For Observing Concentration Process.
  • Concentrator or Concentration Machine Can Apply On Products Such As:
    Chinese Herb, Chicken Essential, Bone Soup, Concentrated Juice And So On.
    Products With Liquid Need To Be Concentrated.