MILK POWDER which is also called dry milk is made from evaporating milk to a point where only its dry contents are left behind. One of the primary reasons for doing it is the fact that this prolongs the shelf life of milk considerably. Liquid milk tends to decrease very quickly while powdered milk can be useful for a long period of time.

It has several uses, firstly is a popular choice as an infant formula. In those cases, it is prepared in such a way that it contains all essential substances needed by the infant. Second, it is used to make chocolates and other such candies. Thirdly, it is also used in many baked products where it is used as an alternative to liquid milk to get the desired consistency.

Milk powder has a high nutritional and caloric value, it has all 21 of the essential amino acids which are needed by the human body. In addition to those, it has several essential vitamins and minerals.

Milk powder is made by drying and this can be done in several ways. Sometimes evaporation is done in large industrial scale evaporators, and other times it is done through drum drying or freeze-drying. This process of drying the milk also changes the milk in many ways, it alters its flavors and density and many of its properties as well.

Much of the Western world is a large producer of dry milk, it is largely produced in many parts of Europe and the United States. China is also a huge producer of powdered milk.

Drink powders are a type of processed food that is supposed to be mixed with water to produce drinks of different colors and flavors. They are usually made in such a way that they mimic the flavors and colors of fruit drinks and other popular tastes. The first of its kind product was made in 1922 by Paul Stevens. Its name was Poly Pop and was a flavored drink that was later acquired by General foods.

Sometimes these powders may contain actual sugar, but it is the norm for them to be sweetened with artificial sweeteners like saccharine. Sometimes minerals and vitamins are added to them to attract more people towards them. They are marketed to different factions of society like children, bodybuilders students etc.


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  • How to make milk powder or flavor drink powder?


  • Milk powder and flavor drink powder making process is as following:

Main Ingredient   Sift – Add Recipe Ingredient - Mix – Temporary Storage - Package

milk powder making process

  • Machinery to produce milk powder or flavor drink powder: 

powder making machine