Speaking of DEEP-FRIED SNACKS, there are numerous types around the world. The United States has the most fast food around the world. You may find the sweet ones and the salty ones in the supermarket. Some famous salty snacks include potato chips, chicken corn fritters, fried chicken, and French fries. As for sweet deep-fried snacks, common types include donuts, deep-fried apple pie, and corn dogs.

Deep frying is a form of the cooking process that puts the ingredients in a tank of oil. A common feature of deep-fried snacks is that most of the snacks have a crispy layer on the outside and are soft on the inside. Thus, when you take a bite of the snack, you can experience different textures in one go. In today's world, you can easily find snacks all over the world. In fact, different snacks have different origins.

French fries are famous around the world, as you can easily buy French fries in any fast food store. Actually, French fries were not originated in French. Dated back to the late 1600s, the economic condition of Belgian people was so poor that they couldn't go fishing in winter when the river was all frozen. To survive, the villagers would slice some potatoes and fried them in the same way they processed fish. During World War I, when the American soldiers entered Belgium, they discovered the food and fell in love with French fries. Thus, they brought the snack back to the U.S., and the food soon became famous around the world.

Doughnuts are mostly round in shape and are usually deep-fried from a four dough. There are various toppings and flavors for doughnuts, such as sugar, strawberry, chocolate, maple, or cinnamon. The top two common types of doughnuts are ring doughnuts and filled doughnuts. Ring doughnuts are round in shape with a hole in the middle, while filled doughnuts have some fillings or jam embedded in the dough. Doughnuts were brought to the United States by the Dutch settlers. The Dutch started to make doughnuts in the 19th century when the early forms of doughnuts were simply balls of fried cakes. When the food was introduced to America, the center of the dough was stuffed with other fillings since the center of the doughnuts did not heat up as fast as the dough outside. Later, an American captain punched a hole in the doughnut before frying, increasing the surface of the doughnut and boosting up the healing process. Consequently, the uncooked center was removed and evolved into the modern type of doughnuts that we see today.

The origin of fried chicken could trace back to the 19th century. It was a Scottish and West African cuisine when the chicken was fried in oil. Later, such frying technic was introduced to the United States by African slaves. The American-style fried chicken then started to become popular in southern America.

Although deep-fried snacks may take various forms on different occasions, they are all crunchy and yummy. Next time you visit a fast-food store, remember to step in and grab a bite of the historical snack!

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  • How to make banana chips, potato chips and different kinds of deep fried snack food? 

Here are two examples for your reference.

Banana Chips -

banana chips

  • Banana chips making process is as following:

Peeling → Washing → Slicing → Quantitative Feeding → Frying→ De-oiling → cooling & quality checking → Seasoning → Packing

banana chips making process

  • Machinery to make banana chips: 

banana chips making machine

  • Video to show banana chips production line:

Potato Chips -

potato chips

  • Potato chips making process is as following:

Feeding → Washing → Peeling → Examine → Slice → Starch Washing → Dripping → Continuous Fryer → Dripping → QC Examine → Seasoning → Cooling → Packing

potato making process

  • Machinery to make potato chips: 

potato chips making machine

  • Video to show potato chips production line: