MEAT FLOSS, also commonly known as meat wool, pork floss, pork sung, or yuk sung,  is a snack popular in East Asia. It is mainly made of pork, fish, or chicken and is constantly fried until the water is drained. Meat floss is originated in China and often comes in the form of powder. Since it is chopped into small pieces, meet floss is a delicious snack for children and the elderly, as such snack is easy to eat. Chinese people often eat meat floss with congee or steamed bun to add up the flavor.

The essence of the meat floss is to let the texture become fluffy and soft. Below are some common steps to make meet floss at home. First, cut the pork into little pieces and boil the pork. Next, add some seasonings including green onion, soy sauce, star anise, and ginger to spice up the pork. When the pork becomes soft and golden yellow, shred the pork into tiny pieces by hand. When the pork is roughly mixed with the seasonings, use the bread maker to blend the meat floss and fry the meat floss. Next, add some sesame and sugar to add some additional flavor. Last, wait until 1.5 hours to let the meat floss fried and become fluffy and dried. You can also use your hand to rub the meat floss to break some sticky ones into little pieces so the meat will become loose. When the texture is dry and fluffy, you are done with your homemade pork floss.

There are many variations of meat floss. The most commonly seen one is pork floss, which is made from pork. Pork floss is sweat in general with a heavier taste and texture. For some people who prefer to consume a lighter meal, they may choose meat floss made of fish. This kind of meat floss is lighter in general, both in terms of texture and taste. In places like Indonesia or Malaysia, beef or chicken floss consists of the most popular variation, which is commonly called abon. In Northern Nigeria, dambu nama is a kind of snack that has a similar texture and taste as meat floss. No matter what name it takes in different regions, meat floss is a delicious and fluffy snack.s

To consume the meat floss, you can add it on top of nearly every food, such as tofu, soy milk, congee, or bread. For example, in many bakeries in Taiwan, there is meat floss bread. On top of the traditional bread, the cook will add some Mayonnaise, meat floss, and chopped green onion as a topping. In Australia, there are also meat floss kinds pie and protein pack toast for the snacks of kinds. It is a quick on-the-go snack for the kids who yearn for adequate vitamins, minerals, and protein intakes at the growth of their youth stage while they have limited access to microwaves during school time. To solve this problem, snacks with meat floss have appeared as a solution to meet the children's needs.


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