SAUCES - There are different sauces around the world. The sauces can have different tastes depending on the ingredients, ranging from sweet to sour, refreshing to spicy. The article below will introduce some common sauces around the world.

Chutney sauce is a kind of Indian sauce. There are different types of Chutneys, including tomato relish, yogurt, mint, cucumber, spicy onion, or ground peanut garnish. Different kinds of ingredients will lead to various types of tastes and textures. However, one common thing among them is that all Chutneys use spicy seasonings to add up the flavor. In the mid-19th century, with the British colonization of India, the scope of Chutney narrowed in the process of spreading to the United Kingdom and the British colonies, but the tradition of using spices has been retained, and gradually evolved into vegetables and fruits (including dried fruits) + sour elements ( A sauce consisting of vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, etc.) + sweet elements (various sugars, honey, maple syrup, etc.) + spices. Most of the Chutneys seen today outside of India are like this.

Hummus is a popular sauce in the Middle East region, full of historical backgrounds. From Lebanon to Afghanistan, people use Hummus as a dipping sauce for their appetizers. Chickpeas, also known as snow lotus seeds, have a bumpy and round bean body with a little pointed mouth and a distinctive appearance. Middle Eastern hummus, served as a dipping sauce, is a nutrient-dense, vegan, high-fiber protein sauce. Hummus sauce is a dipping sauce, and the best pairing is pita bread or fresh bread torn for dipping, or small pieces of baked pita chips for scooping. Afraid that starchy foods can be paired with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Salsa is a commonly used sauce in Mexican cuisine, usually made of tomatoes and peppers. Salsa is mostly spicy, also known as "salsa hot sauce". With the change of people's diet and a stronger focus on health, there are more types of variations popping up, incorporating local styles or adding seasonal ingredients. Red sauce is a type of famous Salsa, which is commonly used in Mexico and South-Western America. It is usually made from chopped boiled tomatoes, red peppers, onions, and garlic, and then adds spices according to your preference. It is also regarded as a tomato sauce. The raw sauce, also called Mexican sauce or flag sauce, is made from a mixture of diced tomatoes, lemon juice, red peppers, diced onion, and coriander. Compared with the smooth red sauce, it has a grainy texture and is closer to the common Taiwanese salsa sauce.

Chipotle sauce is a kind of Mexican sauce. It is often served with tacos, chips, fries, or even over salads. Chipotle sauce is made with adobo chipotles, plain yogurt or Mexican crema, garlic, and lime juice. Smoky Chipotles are one of the most popular peppers around the world, which is spicy and full of smoky flavor. If you want to make the sauce more creamy and less spicy, you can put fewer peppers so the sauce will be lighter.


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  • How to make sauce or fillings?


  • Sauce or Fillings making process is as following:

Mix -> Cook –> Cool –> Package –> Sterilize / Pasteurize

sauce making process

  • Machinery to make sauce or fillings: 

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