TAPIOCA PEARLS or BOBA BALLS are a popular snack that is making the rounds on Instagram. Despite its popularity, few are aware of its origins; it is extracted from the root of the cassava plant. From this a type of starch is extracted and from there these balls are produced. They are typically inserted in tea which is called bubble tea, and once inside that tea, these tapioca balls are referred to as boba balls or pearls. 

These balls can be changed into those of a different color and texture by mixing them with other ingredients like sugar water or honey. To sweeten them they are usually submerged in a sugary syrup for some time, and it absorbs the sweetness of sugar that it dispels in any food item in which it is added. However, when they are used in tea, they are not being added to enhance the flavor, rather they are added to add to the texture.

The rise in popularity has been fairly recent when the Taiwanese Boba tea took the world by storm. Their popularity can also be understood by the fact that even Mcdonald's in Germany sells these boba tea beverages as a regular part of their menu.

As far as nutrition is concerned, these balls being made from starch are a rich source of carbohydrates and are also quite calorie rich. A single cup of these starch pearls can deliver upwards of five hundred calories. They pack in them other beneficial minerals like Iron and Manganese.

The process of manufacturing these balls is also quite lengthy. First, the tapioca flour is mixed with water that is boiling. The mixing continues until a consistency is achieved that can easily be kneaded. Once kneaded, small ball-shaped pieces are cut. Next, is gelatinization, and after that the drying takes place. Drying must be done in such a way that the moisture content of these balls does not exceed 12 percent. After the drying is complete, comes the final step, which is the freezing of these balls.

There is also some controversy surrounding this food item as a German study found that there were traces of carcinogens in it. Other studies also raised health and safety concerns over this but this requires further investigation.

Thus, Tapioca balls or boba balls are a popular food item that has recently seen an unprecedented surge in popularity perhaps because of its unique texture and attractive shape.


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  • How to make tapioca pearl and boba balls?

boba tea

  • Tapioca pearl and boba balls making process is as following:

Tapioca Flour ( Brown Sugar Liquid ) – Sift – Mix – Smash – Granulate (Small Grains) – Sift – Granulate (Large Grains) – Sift - Package

tapioca flow chart

  • Machinery to make tapioca pearl and boba balls: 

tapioca making machine

  • Tapioca Pearl & Boba Ball Plant Layout Sample:

tapioca making line layout

  • Video to show tapioca pearl production turnkey line:

  • Video to show boba balls production production line: