• Material: SUS304
  • PLC Control: Temperature. Slow Cooling. Fast Cooling. Vacuum Value Display.
  • Designed With Water Drop Shield, Slope For Trolley, View Window.
  • Powered by vacuum pump & steam Or Electricity. 
  • Limited Power Consumption, Energy Saving.
  • Optional: Trolly, Tray, Tank.
  • Power: 220V~415V (Depends on request)
  • Chamber Volume: 900L, 1200L, 1500L, 2400Lcooling_210419_0.jpg
  • Fast and Evenly Vacuum Cooling Gives Food With Original Taste, Color And Remains Fresh.
  • Sanitary Condition Prevents Bacteria Polluting Food Because Of Fast Cooling Process Inside Vacuum Cooler Chamber. It         Can Extend Food Preserving Period.
  • Saving Powe, Space And Cost. Economical investment.
  • Vacuum Cooler Can Apply On Products Such As:

    Soya-mixed Food, Stewed Food, Dried Food, Fried Food, Grilled Food, Soup, Rice, Sushi,

    Noodle, Cake, Vegetable, Bread and so on.